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If you’re just now starting out on Buzzbassador, you may be wondering how the process of actually onboarding your ambassadors into your program works. That’s what I’m here to explain!

While there are setup guides you can review that will walk you through specific steps of how to set this process up in your Buzzbassador account, I’m going to explain the general basics of the process and what you need to know.

There are four main functions of the Buzzbassador onboarding process: the Ambassador Settings, Application Form, the Email Templates, and the Landing Page Editor. Below I’ll explain what each of these are (or direct you to other articles that will), and I’ll explain how they each work together.

Ambassador Settings

The Ambassador Settings are where you set up the rules that the automatically-generated referral codes will be based on. This is also where you set up the discount code that every ambassador gets when they are accepted. You can access this page by clicking the settings icon in the top right corner of the app and navigating to the third tab (titled “Ambassador Settings”). For further instructions on referral and discount codes and how to set them up, please see the following articles:

How are the Referral Codes Automatically Created

What Are Referral and Discount Codes

Application Form

The Application Form is a customizable question or “survey” form that you can set up to collect applicants for your ambassador program. Once you create your program application, you can send it to interested parties either via email or by giving them the link to it. All of these features related to the application form are accessed through the “Ambassador Log” page of the Buzzbassador app. To learn more about how to set up and share your application form, please see the following articles:

Setup Guide: Building Your Ambassador Application Form

Setup Guide: Testing and Sharing the Ambassador Application Form

Email Templates

The Email Template feature is what allows you to customize the emails that are automatically sent to your ambassadors when certain triggers occur, such as the ambassador being approved to join your program (which triggers the send of the “Welcome” email). There are currently 2 templates within the app: the “Onboarding Template” and the “Welcome Template”. These emails are a crucial part of the onboarding process as they help provide your ambassadors with crucial information, such as access to their ambassador account, their referral & discount code, and whatever other details about your program that you choose to include in the emails.

Landing Page Editor

The Landing Page Editor feature is where you can customize the web page that will be sent to your ambassadors when they are accepted into your program. This landing page should include information about your program in order to “train” your ambassadors on their new position. Important information to include on this landing page could be a description of the perks offered, instructions for how to promote the brand on social media, etc. This landing page is also where your ambassadors will first get access to their discount and referral codes. To learn more about how to set up your landing page, please see the following article:

Setup Guide: Creating Your Landing Page from a Pre-Built Template

Again, all of these unique features work together to help you easily intake ambassadors into your program. To explain it even further, let’s discuss an example.

Buzzbassador Onboarding Example

Let’s say you have a new ambassador who joins your program – let’s call her Tasha.

Tasha sees an ad you ran on Instagram announcing that you are looking for ambassadors. She clicks the link on the ad, and the button leads her to the application form you created.

She fills out your application form, including the question that asks her what her preferred referral code will be. She decides she wants her code to be “Tasha01”, so she enters it into the answer blank. Once she’s done filling out the rest of your questions, she clicks “submit” – quickly after, she sees a success page that instructs her to await her application status, which should come to her in an email soon.

Then, you check your ambassador applicants list and see that someone has submitted a new application – a young woman named Tasha. You review her application, she seems to be very qualified, so you click “approve” to accept her into your program.

As soon as you click approve, Buzzbassador generates her referral code, “Tasha01” in Shopify based on the price rules that you set up on your ambassador settings page. Buzzbassador then generates a link to the landing page you created, placing her referral code and the ambassador discount code for your program onto the empty tickets in your landing page.

Buzzbassador then sends the “Welcome Email” template that you customized, which gives Tasha the link to her landing page (and consequently, her referral and discount codes), as well as a way to create an ambassador account for your brand– giving her access to her ambassador dashboard.

Now Tasha has everything she needs to get started on making you money! 💰

If you need any further help with onboarding your ambassadors, don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team; we’d be happy to help you!